How to Move Unwanted Items From Your Home Fast

There comes a time where you need to have a clear out around the home or you may be moving property altogether to a new location. It can be surprising on the amount of things that you build up over the years that you do not use or need anymore. You may find many of these items in your loft which you have put there and maybe just forgot about.

You can organise all of this yourself if you have enough people to help out as moving heavy items by yourself can be a little dangerous as you will risk hurting your back or pull a muscle.

There is a lot of organisation involved in a house or flat move and you should organise all of your stuff into separate groups so you know what you are keeping, throwing out or recycling. If you have a lot rubbish or waste to dispose of which is more than your local council local waste removal services company to responsibly take your waste away in a safe and environmentally manner.

To help you with lifting heavy items, you can search for an Affordable man plus a van hire in your local area. You may find these in your local newspaper or if you search online you should get the most local companies available nearest to you. You can ask for a quote, you will need to know how much stuff that you have for an accurate one though. This way if you get 2 or 3, you will be able to judge which service is the best value for money.

How to Be a Qualified Teacher in London?

So you have been toying around with the idea of being a qualified teacher and you don’t know where to start. Gone are the days when only a university degree could qualify one to be a professional teacher.

Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills is a course that once undertaken, you attain a full professional status as a teacher. And the best part is that you will not need to be a university graduate. To be a QTLS member, you are simply required to demonstrate that your skills and knowledge are capable of positively impacting your practice and that you can also put them into effective use. This is through a process called professional formation.

People eligible for a QTLS program.

  • Teachers and trainers who already have undergone a teaching training. Also individuals with teaching experience are eligible.
  • Professionals, teachers, or trainers working in the sector of training and education.
  • Tutors or instructors working in schools and they are qualified as FE teachers.

More details on SCCD Training Website about teacher courses.

Benefits of QTLS.

QTLS has the following advantages;

  • QTLS gives you a continuing professional development (CPD) program that helps you hone your skills as well as gain more knowledge in your field. As a result, you build more confidence in yourself.
  • QTLS is recognized by the law as being equal to QTS (Qualified Teacher Status).
  • The advancement of your career is more real since the professional formation process allows you to demonstrate that you are able to use your skills and apply knowledge to your area of expertise.


It has never been easier to become a qualified teacher. QTLS is the way to go.

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Private dentist in Muswell Hill, London

When you have a dental health issue and need to see a dentist, you might wonder what is the best choice; private dentists or going to dentists provided by NHS. There are quite a number of benefits associated with seeing a private dentist.

Here are some reasons why a visiting a private dentist in Muswell Hill, London might be your best choice;

  1. Specialised dental care and services – Muswell Hill Dental practice has the top dentists and services on offer. You can expect general and cosmetic dentists as well as specialist Periodontist and specialist Orthodontists who are available for consultation and treatment. This is the advantage of visiting a private dentist, you can receive top specialist dental treatment which might not be on offer from the public health service.
  2. Quick service – At our clinic, you will be attended to quickly and promptly. No more waiting lines and having to wait for hours to receive treatment. We encourage patients to make a booking which we strictly adhere to and this ensures that you receive timely treatment and won’t have to be kept waiting for a long period of time.
  3. Best technology and care – At Muswell Hill Dental practice, we have the latest equipment and use the best procedures when it comes to treating you and your loved ones. We also spend more time ensuring you are well informed, have all the information you need and we give extra care during your recovery process. We spend more time ensuring you are well taken care of.
  4. Cosmetic services – Unlike public facilities, we offer cosmetic dentistry to improve the overall appearance of your smile. This means we can alter the shape, position, and colour of your teeth for a brighter and better aligned smile. Some cosmetic services we provide are tooth whitening, bridges, crowns, invisible braces, veneers, natural coloured fillings and so much more.
  5. You can choose your dentist – In any private clinic, you get to choose which dentist you would like to see. This gives you greater choice over who you would like to consult with and who treats you.


When looking for a private dentist, call us today to book your appointment. We are available for all your personal and families’ dentist and orthodontist needs and we are conveniently located at 200 Fortis Green Road on Muswell Hill. To know more about Muswell Hill Dental practise, visit our website

Rent of Buy a Home in The UK?

Buying a house in the UK is very expensive and many people choose to rent a property other than lay out the expense of a large deposit and mortgage payments.

There are benefits of renting a property depending on what you are looking for in home as you will not be tied down to a massive mortgage.

To own a home in England you will need a deposit of around 20 percent of the value of the house in total. This can take a number of years to save up and put into the bank and can be hard to do as you will have other bills to pay and living expenses to deal with.

Owning a home comes with the benefit of security but not everyone needs this so the opt for renting. By ownig your home, you will be reasonable for all of the upkeep and bills. if something breaks down, you will have to organise the repair and pay for it. If you was to rent a house, then it will be the landlords or eatste agents job to get any repairs sorted out.

Through renting a property, you will not have the massive initial layout but will still need a deposit. You will have to have a credit check to ensure that you are reliable and pay all of your bills on time. You employer may also be contacted for proof of your income and to confirm that your details are correct.

Andrew Charalambous is a London businessman who rents his properties in a different way. While other landlords and estate agents will charge for admin fees, deposits and other fees, his company does not. He does not feel that this is necessary and actually improves the relationship with his clients. They end up staying for a long period of time with him which is more than the national average.

Useful links for further information:

Andrew Charalambous Official website

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Door Repairs by Locksmith Richmond

The team of Locksmiths at Richmond are fully qualified and trustworthy locksmiths. They hold all the necessary and relevant licenses and accreditations necessary to provide the locksmith services in London. The company carry a wide range of locks and security items for many types of doors and windows and cabinets and garages normally able to complete most jobs within one visit. The company can also provide advice on BS 3621 insurance issues whether your lock conform to the standard. With qualified and experience Locksmith Richmond has the staff in place to get you back to normal fast.


Door Repairs by a Professional Locksmith

The company also have a new service to offer to all the loyal customers. The company has a fleet of vans with key cutting machines which enables the company not only to fit the locks that you need but also to cut as many duplicate keys as you may be right there and then. Even your door repairs will get easy now hiring these locksmiths.

Locksmith Richmond has many services to offer whether you are a domestic or commercial customer. The company has the solution to your security problems so call locksmith now. The company is local to you so do not hesitate to call for any emergency services or otherwise.