Private dentist in Muswell Hill, London

When you have a dental health issue and need to see a dentist, you might wonder what is the best choice; private dentists or going to dentists provided by NHS. There are quite a number of benefits associated with seeing a private dentist.

Here are some reasons why a visiting a private dentist in Muswell Hill, London might be your best choice;

  1. Specialised dental care and services – Muswell Hill Dental practice has the top dentists and services on offer. You can expect general and cosmetic dentists as well as specialist Periodontist and specialist Orthodontists who are available for consultation and treatment. This is the advantage of visiting a private dentist, you can receive top specialist dental treatment which might not be on offer from the public health service.
  2. Quick service – At our clinic, you will be attended to quickly and promptly. No more waiting lines and having to wait for hours to receive treatment. We encourage patients to make a booking which we strictly adhere to and this ensures that you receive timely treatment and won’t have to be kept waiting for a long period of time.
  3. Best technology and care – At Muswell Hill Dental practice, we have the latest equipment and use the best procedures when it comes to treating you and your loved ones. We also spend more time ensuring you are well informed, have all the information you need and we give extra care during your recovery process. We spend more time ensuring you are well taken care of.
  4. Cosmetic services – Unlike public facilities, we offer cosmetic dentistry to improve the overall appearance of your smile. This means we can alter the shape, position, and colour of your teeth for a brighter and better aligned smile. Some cosmetic services we provide are tooth whitening, bridges, crowns, invisible braces, veneers, natural coloured fillings and so much more.
  5. You can choose your dentist – In any private clinic, you get to choose which dentist you would like to see. This gives you greater choice over who you would like to consult with and who treats you.


When looking for a private dentist, call us today to book your appointment. We are available for all your personal and families’ dentist and orthodontist needs and we are conveniently located at 200 Fortis Green Road on Muswell Hill. To know more about Muswell Hill Dental practise, visit our website