Rent of Buy a Home in The UK?

Buying a house in the UK is very expensive and many people choose to rent a property other than lay out the expense of a large deposit and mortgage payments.

There are benefits of renting a property depending on what you are looking for in home as you will not be tied down to a massive mortgage.

To own a home in England you will need a deposit of around 20 percent of the value of the house in total. This can take a number of years to save up and put into the bank and can be hard to do as you will have other bills to pay and living expenses to deal with.

Owning a home comes with the benefit of security but not everyone needs this so the opt for renting. By ownig your home, you will be reasonable for all of the upkeep and bills. if something breaks down, you will have to organise the repair and pay for it. If you was to rent a house, then it will be the landlords or eatste agents job to get any repairs sorted out.

Through renting a property, you will not have the massive initial layout but will still need a deposit. You will have to have a credit check to ensure that you are reliable and pay all of your bills on time. You employer may also be contacted for proof of your income and to confirm that your details are correct.

Andrew Charalambous is a London businessman who rents his properties in a different way. While other landlords and estate agents will charge for admin fees, deposits and other fees, his company does not. He does not feel that this is necessary and actually improves the relationship with his clients. They end up staying for a long period of time with him which is more than the national average.

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