How to Be a Qualified Teacher in London?

So you have been toying around with the idea of being a qualified teacher and you don’t know where to start. Gone are the days when only a university degree could qualify one to be a professional teacher.

Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills is a course that once undertaken, you attain a full professional status as a teacher. And the best part is that you will not need to be a university graduate. To be a QTLS member, you are simply required to demonstrate that your skills and knowledge are capable of positively impacting your practice and that you can also put them into effective use. This is through a process called professional formation.

People eligible for a QTLS program.

  • Teachers and trainers who already have undergone a teaching training. Also individuals with teaching experience are eligible.
  • Professionals, teachers, or trainers working in the sector of training and education.
  • Tutors or instructors working in schools and they are qualified as FE teachers.

More details on SCCD Training Website about teacher courses.

Benefits of QTLS.

QTLS has the following advantages;

  • QTLS gives you a continuing professional development (CPD) program that helps you hone your skills as well as gain more knowledge in your field. As a result, you build more confidence in yourself.
  • QTLS is recognized by the law as being equal to QTS (Qualified Teacher Status).
  • The advancement of your career is more real since the professional formation process allows you to demonstrate that you are able to use your skills and apply knowledge to your area of expertise.


It has never been easier to become a qualified teacher. QTLS is the way to go.

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